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Financial Freedom is about having choices on how you spend the most precious thing, your time.
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SEBI Registered Investment Adviser, Category : Non Individual
Registration No: INA000013527, Validity : Perpetual
Principal Officer : Nandlal Bhatkar , 9881710432
Regional SEBI Office : Plot No C4-A, G Block Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai : 400051, Ph -022-26449000
Let Us Help You
Do You Want Financial Freedom?
•  Wish you could start enjoying life?

•  Wish you finally owned your own home?

•  Do you save more than you spend?

•  Do you have an Emergency Fund?
Are You Ready To Build Wealth?
•  Do You spend more than you save?

•  Are you investing enough?

•  Have planned for your financial goals?

•  Does thought of retirement bother you?
Do You Need Help Manage Your Finances?
•  Would you like to plan your finances?

•  Would you like an honest advisor?

•  Would you like help in managing taxes?

•  Would you like all your details in one place?
Our Services
•  Building Financial Plan

•  Life & Health Insurance

•  Investment Management

•  Tax Planning

•  Retirement Planning

•  Debt Management

•  Estate Planning
Who Are We?
We are a SEBI registered Fee Only Advisors, providing holistic wealth management services.

Wealth Management needs a complete trust bridge between you and your advisor. Our zero commission policy is a corner stone of building this bridge. Thus the commission received from service providers like insurance and mutual funds will not play any role in what is recommended to you.

Most people think of wealth management as an investment related activity. Nothing can be far from the truth. Investment management is just one of the cogs in the wheel of your financial health. Insurance, tax planning, debt management, estate planning and retirement planning are all equally important elements to ensure that you have hassle free life as you move from one goal to another.

Even investment plan cannot be "one hat fits all" kind of approach. Your risk profile is extremely important in deciding what kind of investment portfolio you could hold. Our experts will have a one on one interview to assess you profile using specially designed tools and simulators to calibrate your response. The risk profile also changes with life events and age. Our quarterly review meetings will ensure that your portfolio is always fine-tuned to meet your goals.
Our Platform
•  Cloud based 24 x 7 Access

•  All Information at one place

•  Secure & User Friendly

•  Family Access

•  Critical Document Storage

•  Financial Goal Tracking

•  Portfolio Analysis
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SEBI Registration No: INA000013527